About Us

In 2005, My Class Monitor and Me, after 5 years graduated from Hebei Foreign Trade University Established a Trading company dealing in plant extract.

In 2008, We established a factory producing St. John Worts Extract for our regular orders from our customers.

In 2009, We invented in a factory in Hunan mainly producingSanguinarine from Macleaya Cordata Extract

In 2010, We cooperated with a factory in Shanxi mainly producing Matrine (Sophocarpidine) from Sophora Flavescens Radix Extract

In 2012, We cooperated with another  factory in Shanxi mainly producing Magnolol + Honokiol from Magnolia Bark Extract.

In 2014, We cooperated with a factory in Shandong mainly producing Proanthocyanidins and Polyphenols from Grape Seed Extract, Pine Bark Extract and Peanut Red skin Extract

In 2015, We cooperated with a factory in Liaoning to Silymarin from Milk thistle Extract.

In 2017, We are applying for the Certificate of FarmiQS.