Fructus Cnidii Extract, Cnidium Lactone, Osthole

Fructus Cnidii Extract, Cnidium Lactone, Osthole

10% Osthole by HPLC Liquid

20%, 50%, 98% Osthole by HPLC Powder


osthole is a kind of coumarins in the Fructus Cnidii Extract, which is extracted from the seed (Fructus Cnidii)of the plant "Cnidium monnieri (L.)Cuss.". the main bioactivator compounds in Fructus Cnidii Extract are coumarins,which includes osthole, bergapten, isopimpinellin, columbianadin, archangelicin, edultin, O-acetylcolumianetin, O-isovalerycolumbianetin, cniforin A, xanthotoxol, xanthotoxin, imperatorin etc.

In all the coumarins, the yeild of osthole can reach 0.8% in the raw material, The osthole is the highest content of coumarin in the Fructus Cnidii Extract.


1)Anti-pathogenic microorganism,Sex hormone.

Osthole is widely used in fields of heath products. Osthole can be used as the tonic product on the male impotence, active ingredients of medicines for gynecological diseases.

2) A natural ingredient in botanical Pesticides & Bactericide (Phytogenous)

Fructus Cnidii Extract as a Phytogenous Pesticides and insecticide only has insecticidal activity, but also has bactericidal acitity with broad-spectrum. the active ingredient " Osthole" in Fructus Cnidii Extract has contact killing on aphids and cabbage worm of cruciferous plants, meanwhile has good inhabition on Botrytis cinerea, Phyllosticta, Phomopsis asparagi etc. also as can be appliable in keeping fruit and vegetable fresh.