St.John' s Wort Extract, Hypericins, Hypericum Perforatum L.

St.John' s Wort Extract, Hypericins, Hypericum Perforatum L.

0.3% Hypericins by UV

0.45% Hypericins by UV

0.5% Hypericins by UV

0.6% Hypericins by UV

0.75% Hypericins by UV

0.1% Hypericin by HPLC

0.2% Hypericin by HPLC

0.3% Hypericin by HPLC

0.45% Hypericin by HPLC


The whole herbal St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) contains:

Naphthodianthrones: which are Hypericin, Pseudohypericin, Protohypericin,  Protopseudohypericin, Cyclopseudohypericin, Isohypericin, Emodin-anthrone, Hypericode-hydrodianthrone etc.

Flavonoids: including Kampferol Luteolin, Myricetin, Quercetin, Quercitrin, Isoquercitrin, Hyperin/Hyperoside etc.

Hyperforin substance: Hyperforin Adhyperforin etc.

The St. John’s Wort Extract powder (Hypericins) is extracted from tips and tops in flowering or acrial parts,  all our extracted are extracted by ethanol (food grade). Our material comes from a special producing area, which can guarantee the high quality to produce higher content of Hypericin.


1) Anti-depression effect

The Hypericin, an active ingredient from the St. John’s Wort extract has Anti-depressive and sedative properties, it is an effective remedy for the nervous system, relaxing tension, and anxiety and lifting the spirits,Enhancing the effect of neurotransmitters in the brain, As a tissue restorative for nerves, St. John's Wort is indicated for stroke patients, for mildneuroses, sleepwalkers, and accident victims. so it is usually used in tablet, capsule or oral liquid as medicine and also as an additive in functional or healthy food.

2) Anti-viral disease

The two ingredients Hypericin and Pseudohypericin directly act on viral disease.

3) Anti -Cancer.

4) Anti-inflammatory

The bis-flavonoid in the St. John’s Wort can acitivate the hemameba to effect Anti-inflammatory.

5) Antibacterial

The Hyperforin substance has the properity of Antibacterial to inhabit the growing of Staphylococcus aureus, corynebacterium diphtheria, antistaphylococcal penicillins.

6) An excellet feed additiive

The St. John’s Wort powder has a very good prevention and treatment for Avian influenza, Swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, and a strong Inhibition of Viral Replication by RNA Interference in Animals.